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Sorry Charlie, but it is time to leave the Internet and go back to your porn family. Let this be the hangover cure for the #winning buzz from which everyone is still recovering.

Block Charlie Sheen and more from the Internet by downloading the plugin for Firefox or Chrome, and never again worry about seeing his name or face.

Download version 1.0.2 now:
Firefox …or… Chrome

Code by Greg Leuch, adapted from Shaved Bieber
Browse the code on Github
License under MIT License
Props to Chris Menning for the assist!


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  3. Justin says:

    I shall be modifying your code so that I won’t have to see anything else about Scentsy! :l

  4. […] getting sick of the Charlie Sheen internet locomotive, this handy Chrome and Firefox plugin—“Tinted Sheen”—will blot out all text and image mentions of the disintegrating has-been. [via BoingBoing] […]

  5. Wolff says:

    AWESOME! But I am in total agreement with a Sarah Palin blocker!!!
    Now the next time I want to hear about Charlie is on the TV News . . . when they put him in a straight jacket or his memorial service. Then I can say . . . “well, there ya go.”

  6. gucci mane says:

    don’t block ma sheen shawty

  7. Crawlingsurface says:

    Charlie Sheen is fuxing awesome you Tard…

  8. […] surely b&#1077 even more well &#406&#959&#957&#1077&#1281. Download th&#1077 plugin &#1072t http://fffff.&#1072t/tinted-sheen &#1072n&#1281 kiss th&#1077 Sheen phenomenon &#1077&#1093&#1089&#1077&#406&#406&#1077nt […]



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  12. Mesopotamic says:

    Don´t U have the same app to block: Shakira, Lindsay Lohan, Pique, Ldy gaga, paris hilton, etc….?

    Thank U

  13. […] De acuerdo con cifras de sus desarrolladores la herramienta ya ha sido descargada alrededor de 7,000 veces y está disponible aquí. […]

  14. Gerard says:

    Could you do one for porn or others alike? You would make millions.

  15. […] first to receive this treatment but Sheen will surely be even more popular. Download the plugin at and kiss the Sheen phenomenon good […]

  16. Love the idea…how about one for SPORTS so I can use it on Twitter and Facebook?

  17. Lynsi says:

    why don’t they put this out there for shit like bieber

  18. […] Det här är tredje inlägget om Charlie Sheen och det blir det sista, jag lovar. F.A.T (Free Art & Technology) har tröttnat på hypen med winning och tigerblood och annat trams så till den grad att de skapat ett tillägg till Firefox och Chrome som blockerar allt på webben som innehåller Charlie Sheens namn: Tinted Sheen, the Charlie Sheen Browser Blocker. […]

  19. poop says:

    Great. But, if you text shading the word charlie sheen with your mouse it appears XD

  20. Seth Lutz says:

    This was on Howard!

  21. Lauren says:

    Where’s the Internet Explorer blocker?

  22. Mario says:

    I love charlie harper

  23. […] Google Chrome и Firefox. Тя се казва „Tinted Sheen“, може да се свали безплатно и се грижи да не мяркате името на актяора в сайтовете, […]

  24. Molly says:

    Can you make one of these for Palin, Beck, and rest of the bobbleheads?

  25. […] would anyone want to forgo the greatest  entertainment of 2011 and block Charlie Sheen from showing up on the internet.  Not […]

  26. […] terug wil naar een internet waar schattige kattenfilmpjes de boventoon voeren. Geen enkel probleem, hier is de Charlie Sheen Blocker te vinden. De blocker is een plugin voor Firefox en Chrome, waarmee u […]

  27. […] Charlie Sheen overload — a software that edits the celebrity out of your browser.“Tinted Sheen,” crafted by Greg Leuch, the creator of “Shaved Bieber” an app that allowed users […]

  28. His Brother says:

    How about having a setting for us to pick what to hide (many names come in mind).
    Maybe use the search results from google images to pick the image to hide from our preferred name?


  29. t00dy says:

    please make a version for JUSTIN BIEBER and LADY GAGA!!!

  30. […] arrivati a un tale livello di saturazione di notizie su di lui che dall’8 marzo esiste il Tinted Sheen, un piccola programmino progettato dai ragazzi del The Free Art & Technology Lab. Una volta […]

  31. […] „Izvini Čarli, ali vreme je da napustiš internet“, piše na sajtu sa koga se ovaj dodatak može preuzeti. […]

  32. […] Tinted Sheen is an prolongation for a Firefox and Chrome browsers that will peck out Sheen’s name anywhere it appears. […]

  33. […] Maar voor wie nu al genoeg heeft van de commotie rond Charlie Sheen is er gelukkig een handige app beschikbaar, die alle online content gerelateerd aan  Charlie Sheen gewoon blokkeert. Volg […]

  34. Charlie Sheen says:

    I like

  35. wize says:

    Bye Bye Charlie…
    take care !!!

  36. […] of seeing Charlie Sheen all over the internet?? – Today, 06:46 AM Charlie Sheen Blocker available for Firefox or Chrome. ————————— Dan Sanchez MM Dan Sanchez […]

  37. Dan says:

    now we just need a Sarah Palin blocker!!!

  38. REALTALK says:

    can someone please make one for michael jackson

  39. sasa says:

    Great app.!Can you create an equal one for Silvio Berlusconi?
    Thanks :)

  40. […] dramatic reminder of the chaos of 29 degrees Pisces, here’s an app that will do it for you: Tinted Sheen blocks Charlie Sheen’s name and image from Firefox and Chrome […]

  41. buck jackson says:

    Please, please, please, please do a Palin blocker.

  42. Gabe says:

    Is there an extension for Safari?

  43. Vic says:

    Can you do the same for Sarah Palin?

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