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Sorry Charlie, but it is time to leave the Internet and go back to your porn family. Let this be the hangover cure for the #winning buzz from which everyone is still recovering.

Block Charlie Sheen and more from the Internet by downloading the plugin for Firefox or Chrome, and never again worry about seeing his name or face.

Download version 1.0.2 now:
Firefox …or… Chrome

Code by Greg Leuch, adapted from Shaved Bieber
Browse the code on Github
License under MIT License
Props to Chris Menning for the assist!


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  2. […] have found a cure for Sheen’s #winning streak. It’s essentially just a browser blocker, available for Firefox and Chrome. Its job is to remove all mentions of Charlie Sheen from your […]

  3. […] “Tinted Sheen,” computer code crafted by Greg Leuch for Firefox or Chrome web browsers, promised to delete Sheen’s name and block out his image. […]

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  5. […] hoe. F.A.T. Lab geeft ook oplossingen voor alledaagse problemen. Op hun site vind je bijvoorbeeld gratis software waarmee automatisch alles op internet wordt gecensureerd dat met Sheen te maken […]

  6. […] a sua birra é só com o Charlie Sheen, há uma extensão específica para ele: Tinted Sheen, que funciona em Chrome e […]

  7. Tom says:

    This thing is blocking Martin Sheen as well. Needs to be tweaked.

  8. […] a sua birra é só com o Charlie Sheen, há uma extensão específica para ele: Tinted Sheen, que funciona em Chrome e […]

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  10. […] getting sick of the Charlie Sheen internet locomotive, this handy Chrome and Firefox plugin – “Tinted Sheen” – will blot out all text and image mentions of the disintegrating has-been. […]

  11. zeratull100 says:

    i need other version for firefox 7.0.2, please.

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