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F.A.T. is nominated for the Transmediale Award 2010.


“The [NEUTRAL] jury of five international artists, researchers and curators has selected nine projects from more than 1,500 submissions. On 06 February 2010 the award winner(s) [THE UNITED NATION OF F.A.T.!] will be announced….”

Yes, Yves you can keep that chain…. —– Nice car José, like that color … Michelle has a cool plane too! —— Wow, some curators can really afford cool watches …. Hey Doreen, Hi Li! Wazup? ….

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Posted on September 26, 2009



  1. li Zhenhua says:

    To get to know their work is from the graffiti research lab, and they have some projects overlaps. Which we almost invite them to Beijing for the Synthetic Times exhibition, I have to say their work is always pushing the curators or institution in an unstable situation.
    For me the FAT Lab is a very interesting format of the gathering of a community, which allows development and actions through out those major cities like New York, Tokyo, Beijing and Germany, which being a very much globalized question toward art making and intellectual properties.
    FAT lab can be considered as the tech-art-society networking system, or a global reality hacker’s team.
    They been working on those projects highly connected with the mainstream pop culture and people involve in it, which those active/innovative/powerful youth. It’s a methodology to work and interact in the way like FAT lab does….

  2. MK says:

    For some reason, the plane reminds me of that Superfriends/Whazzup video where WonderWoman goes by in the airplane…

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  4. powderly says:

    Transmediale 2010 Nominees

    I just read the other nominees. Someone is using those green light bulbs in their project. That means we are screwed. Well there is always the HOPE.

  5. James Powderly says:

    wtf is email latex?

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