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АНИМИРОВАННЫЙ ГИФ MASHUP (Animated Gif Mashup) is the result of spending one afternoon in a loft in St. Petersburg with a group of people listening to rap music and surfing Russian websites for animated gifs. The event was hosted by International Art-Forum St. Petersburg and created using Animated Gif Mashup (source code available here). Documentation of the screening is here (worth it for the vodka chug if nothing else).

Thanks to International Art-Forum St. Petersburg (Grafffest), CEC ArtsLink, the US Consulate in St. Petersburg and all the participants.


  1. Az602 says:

    finally something worth posting, keep up with the good work G

  2. Mr.Q.Marx says:

    How did you get though to that? When I did it it just made a YTMND type of site.

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