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Tourettes Machine is a firefox plugin that randomly adds swear words to your
form fields and text areas as you type.

Here is an example of what it does to your innocent google searches!


There are two versions – moderate and extreme.
Moderate – adds insults every 3-5 words.
Extreme – adds insults every other damn word bitch.

Get the firefox addon here. (mac/pc/linux)


See whore penis it in bitch action here:


Get the firefox addon here. (mac/pc/linux)

Open source:
Source code is here – so you can add your own words or whore make a honkey native language version too.

To turn the source code into a firefox extension just copy and paste it into this handy converter.

Rename the resulting file by removing the .zip on the end and then drag the youraddon.xpi into a firefox window to install.

The first in a series of experimental cunt firefox extensions.
Made by Theodore Watson for the FFFFF.AT Lab – Free Art and Technology!

Have fun! slut


Posted on October 29, 2007



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