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Still to do:
1 – make it work with ajax forms (currently only normal html forms are supported).
2 – Make icon (quite easy).
3 – test it out on people : )

Get the addon here

If you can’t add it – just download the file and then drag it into a firefox window.

Source code is here

To turn the source code into a firefox extension just copy and paste it into this handy converter.

Then rename the resulting file by removing the .zip on the end and then drag the youraddon.xpi into a firefox window to install.

Have fun! slut

Posted on October 29, 2007



  1. powderly says:

    this bitch is fucking undefined funny. dildo are u showing fuck this fuck in basel? wher did bastard that “undefined” prick come from? damn its part tourettes part damn nerd. im wank just writing now dick to see more whore curse words. fuck .

  2. theo says:

    Nah it is motherfucker something I wank just thought of last shit night dildo and dick thought would be funny to bitch make. the undefined (haha I was about to write that) thing I think is an twat off by 1 array thing slut – I’ll prick fix smut it now bastard .

  3. theo says:

    okay its bitch now fixed smut for the cunt undefined thing. just uninstall and reinstall smut from the link above. dick

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