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In March of 2010 I caught wind of a project at Greenpeace that sounded incredible. Victoria Estok and I headed down a couple weeks later with a camera and a mic to talk to people about it.

The Greenpeace project will go public on the 17th, but in the meantime I’ll be posting the piece I put together. This is Part 1. Part 2 I am currently editing and will have up asap.

Side note: Seeing what Greenpeace does from the inside… they are amazing. When you see canvassers on the street, really consider becoming a member.

Thanks to for sharing everything. for general support. – more from Kert Davies 


  1. clockpie says:

    +1 on nuke

  2. @samuel, @clockpie, that actually had me chuckling pretty good. Someone else guessed satellite.

  3. pidge says:


    Though that would be contradicted by the “only one in North America” statement, since there’s one that does tours in California.

    But still, the only contemporary manufacturer is in Germany.

  4. durp says:

    hot air balloon, meh.

  5. Oh @durp, so confident. ha!

  6. Roozj says:

    I’m going for the hot air balloon too, or a zeppelin …that would be awesome! :-)

  7. Simon B. says:

    I bet the words that were bleeped out include “blip” and “zeppelin” and perhaps even “balloon” and “hot air baloon” (since the bleeped words were of different length :-)

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