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Posted on August 25, 2008



  1. yuan says:

    so which one is him? :p

  2. Steve Lambert says:

    the one with all the mics in front of his face.

  3. praise be to Allah.

  4. Alisa McKamey Martin says:

    HOORAY! I knew James in Chattanooga but lost contact when he moved to NYC. wow! i’m astounded by all he is doing now and I’m SO glad he’s back and safe! Hotdog hugs to you, james!

  5. frred says:

    that’s good newz

  6. Randy says:

    By god! They’ve cloned him! At least all both of him are back and safe now.

  7. Tomassss says:

    Welcome home!

  8. nick says:

    thank goodness he made it back to the states safely. and thanks to james for making a statement against the synthetic times show in beijing before the olympics…it’s sad that so many cultural organizations decided to go along with the show without making any public statements about their complicity in support of the chinese government.

  9. Barry S says:

    Jesus. You made the front page of the gazette.

  10. R F H lll says:

    ^ Nick, you are a douchebag.

  11. nick says:

    ^ RFH, and that would be because…?

  12. James say the truth !! You’re a CIA agent. Lier…using stupid art to promote American Imperialism. Why don’t you go to Irak and do your shit against American troops. You should have being raped in China for being an agent of the enemies secret police and see you are here in Brooklyn treated like a superstar in TV shows…BULLSHIT !!

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