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TELE-INTERNET is an organically growing structure, a hacker space, an (un)conference, a stage, an exhibition,  a social performance, Commune 0/1, and a site for anyone who’s  interested in discussing the development of the internet, exchanging  ideas, and presenting their own projects. Ars Electronica festivalgoers are invited to take the plunge and join the fun, to contribute to the  discussion, or to chill out on the couch with a clubmate and a notebook.”
curated by Aram Bartholl , 2010

This  event will take place at the media art festival Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, 2nd-6th of September 2010. TELE-INTERNET represents the Prix Ars Electronica category ‘Digital Communities’ of which the CCC – Chaos Computer Club won the 1st prize Golden Nica 2010. (btw, some strange project won the Golden Nica in interactive art, … uh what was it again? … something like ass-writer? , or similar?  … ;-) The TELE-INTERNET program includes talks, presentations, discussions, panels, work in progress, projects, pop, performance, meetings, art, workshops, screenings and much more. Get full info on the program and on all participants at and follow us on #teleinternet

OPEN CALL: If you happen to be at Ars in September and you were interested to give a lightning talk or to squad a table with your project please get in touch with the TELE-INTERNET team.

TELE-INTERNET curated by Aram Bartholl
at Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, 2nd-6th of September 2010


  • *CBA – Cultural Broadcasting Archive*: Ingo Leindecker (AT) , Thomas Diesenreiter (DE), [honorable mention]
  • *Web2.0 suicide machine*: moddr_ [Walter Langelaar (NL), Gordan Savicic (AT), Danja Vasiliev (RU)]; [honorable mention]
  • *A Golden Era – making and unmaking of PiratbyrÃ¥n*: Golden bus + archive (SE) 2003-2010
  • *Artzilla*: Skate the web! workshops and contests, Tobias Leingruber (DE); 2010
  • *F.A.T. Lab*: Free Art & Technology Lab: Cloud services, Jamie Wilkinson (remote), 2010
  • *Metalab Squad of Awesome*:  official delegation from the Viennese hackerspace (AT)
  • *BOSCO-Uganda*, *ceibalJAM!*, *CulturaDigital.Br*, *FixMyStreet*, *Kloop*, *Puncar Action!*, *Sourcemap*, *TEDtoChina*, (honorable mentions of Digital Communities)
and more and more and more:
  • *MZ BALTAZAR’S LABORATORY*: Stefanie Wuschitz (AT) 2008-2010, Feminist Open Source Workshops for Demythifying Technology
  • *HyperAudio-Linking * X-OP, Leo Findeisen (DE/AT),
Update: Full documentation here

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Posted on August 18, 2010



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