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Wear these super resistance tools around your neck to receive extra-protection from surveillance, power, copyright and greed.


(*For best results, wear it till it breaks to release their super special powers)

Pretend faith and tame the enemy!

Super resistance tools on view @ the group show: Signals from the South.
MUU Gallery, Helsinki.
March 13th-April 5th.

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Posted on March 11, 2009



  1. Dios mio, Todopoderoso. Bendíceme con tu super protección de derecho de autor. Tambien te pido que bendigas al equipo de la bahía del pirata y los liberes del terrible infierno que estan sufriendo en corte. Ademas, si puedes mandar a la RIAA al infierno, sería bueno tambien.

  2. ignasi says:

    Me gusta este Super REsistente stuff that you post here papi! Personally what I like the most is the Virgin one. love,i

  3. […] dope shit! updates surveillance ecclesiastica Jerry Juarez recently released her super resistentes project via F.A.T.Labs; they help the wearer by offering “extra-protection from surveillance, power, copyright and […]

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