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Tempt1 eye tagging buildings in downtown LA from Alhambra . Stay tuned for related free software, source code and DIY hardware guide.


Posted on August 24, 2009



  1. Zach says:

    This is fantastic. Not only is it a great way to utilize new technology street art, but its great to see Tempt getting back to what he loves and what was taken away. Great work guys. I can’t wait till the source code and hardware guide comes out so I can build one of my own.

    This comment seems fucking rambling and twisting but its fucking early.

  2. transFATTY says:

    any centerfolds in ALS newsletter*?

    can you tell nurse, pain med, mr. o brien ,
    Ring a ding ding , love you long 9. . . . . 9999999999

    rEEEEEspeKt NeuJaqu RazePutin *33.3^

  3. MC says:

    Aero did somthing similar last year by remote tagging around the world from his office, but your shit with the eye is amazing!

  4. Curiouser says:

    Can we get an update on when to expect the code, software, guide, etc.? Surely something must have gone wrong here, but it’d still be awesome to get this stuff.

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