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I recently wrapped up a three-city 18-day trip through Russia, during which I learned that most Russians are completely unaware of the In Mother Russia meme. I also conducted workshops and artist presentations surrounding Graffiti Analysis and Urban Hacking. The video below was made using Graffiti Analysis to capture the tags of graffiti writers from Ekaterinburg, Perm, Moscow and St. Petersburg into .gml format (Graffiti Markup Language). All of .gml data I collected in Russia can be viewed (and downloaded) here and here on

In Ekaterinburg, I ran a two day master class called Urban Hacking, which focused on the idea of exploiting physical systems in the city in the same way that hackers exploit digital systems. Below are some of the projects that were produced at the end of the two days:

The Mute, by Evgeny Nefedov with Evan Roth:

By workshop participants Goruleva Jenia, Vasiliev Denis, Stepa Aifo, Cage and Djambo:

Tear-off Advertisement Design Services, by Evan Roth with Evgeny Nefedov:

The Crime Scene, by workshop participants Alexandr Tokarev, Natasha Pastuhova, Sasha Slepchuk, Sveta Salmina, Vsevolod Kobzev and Stekolshchuk Timofey:

Big thanks to all of the workshop participants and graffiti writers I met, as well as CEC ArtsLink, Art Politika and the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art for making this possible.

Posted on October 28, 2010



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  2. Tear-off Advertisement Design Services is the best project on here *crush the competition!!!!*

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