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The jury met, they deliberated, and made their decision. Actually, they had a lot of trouble making their decision so… it’s a tie!

Congratulations I Am Jen and Tobi-x! You’ll each receive a $50 prize. The jury liked the effort and polish put into I Am Jen’s video and the effort and total absurdity of Tobi-x’s.

Enjoy: – i am jen remix from iamjen on Vimeo.

Add-art “Always Naked” Contest Entry from tobi-x on Vimeo.

Posted on June 27, 2008



  1. tobi-x says:

    awesooome! i herby announce that i will split my price money with the creator of the “slambert hat” Jamie Wilkinson.

  2. jamie dubs says:

    I knew my image ratpacking would pay off one day

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