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On October 16th we welcome all to the open clinic of our newly installed Object-Oriented Therapy Center at the Jaca Art Center in Belo Horizonte,Brazil.

Object Oriented Theraphy Center is a place for maladjusted objects. We identify the real potential of orphaned objects, often called trash. Instead of repairing discarded objects in order to integrate them functionally into society, we have designed a treatment to understand and realize their full potential beyond their use as commodity given by human intentionality.

We encourage you to bring along some of your troubled objects and deposit them at the clinic for further treatment. We guarantee them to emerge from there as re-vitalized and independent beings, that maybe you want to take back home, after the successful treatment.

We receive any type of object a functional or disfunctional state.


  1. Randy says:

    Sorry, but I will be unable to attend Brazil at that date. Why don’t you come to San Francisco instead?

  2. […] Horizonte, Brazil hosted the Object Oriented Therapy Center: Open Clinic. You can read about it at F.A.T. (I think SPEED SHOW was a F.A.T. project, too). They accepted anything powered by electricity, […]

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