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So Google freaked out because the public in Sweden integrate to their language the term “ogooglebar”, which means ungoogable. SprÃ¥krÃ¥det (The Language Council) included “ogooglebar” in the yearly list of new words …and Googleâ„¢ pressured legally and demanded the word to be defined as the state of not being able to find search results in Googleâ„¢, rather than any search engine.   They also asked for include a note specifying that Googleâ„¢ is a trademark in the Council’s website.

SprÃ¥kradet deleted from the list the new word and published a great post bashing the company Googleâ„¢ for their “attempt to control language”.

Just a mere casualty, but i finished today one of my swedish language courses at SFI…. it went great. Long story short, one of the first things i learned is that anka means duck, as in DuckDuckGo <3quack


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