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I, like many of my generation, spent a fair percentage of my youth firing foam darts at my older brother . We used to throw our Ninja Turtles against the wall until they broke and then re-arrange the body parts, but somehow we never thought to take apart our NERF guns to enhance their speed, range, or firepower.
Maybe it was just a simpler time, when all one had was their Arrowstorm and the second amendment to keep from becoming a Nerf P.O.W.

Things have changed since 9-11, but thanks to people like YouTube user uin13 we can rest assured knowing that good old-fashioned American ingenuity will help maintain our technological edge against the twisted minds of terrorists and older brothers alike. In the following MagStrike Mod, he walks us through how to double your clip capacity without pumping in between. Terrorists hate freedom, but they really really hate foam darts.

Maybe not the most professional How-To, but almost better this way, to share in the discovery, frustration and “fuck it – just use duct tape” attitude that come up in any taking-things-apart session.
More options in the Mods section of Nerf Haven.

This bout of nostalgia is brought to you by “May is National Make a F***ING Post Month” and the fact that I just graduated from college.

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Posted on May 18, 2008



  1. Jeff says:

    you have inspired me to finally repair my nerf shotgun; now I only need targets

  2. antwan says:

    what if you changed the whole thing to use with a compressor? not viable to carry around or in “battle” (w.e nerf war is upon you lol) but very fast reloading and no pumping required!

  3. connor says:

    can you repair my mavrick

  4. connor says:

    it will not shoot

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  6. john says:

    ur a nerd get alife but i do like yur mods

  7. GnXd says:

    i duno, but if i were team captain.. i’d pick this kid to be on my team… lol.

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