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It has been a crazy year for myself at F.A.T., and following in the traditions of Evan and Theo, here’s the kicks that have been most frequently heard in my playlist while I do my crazy nonsense.

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(Individual links included to those songs available online for “free or fees”!)

  1. Step Kick (Krazy Kicks 1) – grillo (link)
  2. Etcetera – My Dry Wet Mess (link)
  3. Linguistics ft Stray (Sam Irl Remix) – Swede:art (link)
  4. Steppin Up (Mr. NiceGuy Remix) – M.I.A (link)
  5. Ain’t Nothing Like You (ft. Jim Jones & Mos Def) – Blakroc (link)
  6. I Am Always Coming Home – Squinch Owl (link)
  7. ?? – (thanksforsex Remix) (link)
  8. Hot, Raw, Sex (Instra:mental Remix) – Jimmy Edgar (link)
  9. Lumberjack – Dibiase (link)
  10. Wax Rose Saturday (Remux Edit) – Mux Mool (link)
  11. ?? – (thanksforsex Remix) (link)
  12. Westside Story (Lakritze Remix) – The Game (link)

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Posted on December 30, 2010



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