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Mark your calendars and set your browsers to the Michael Jackson Public Domain Countdown. I’m working on my MJ mashup tribute album now which will drop when I’m 101.

Click here to view, and here for source code (Processing).

Posted on August 9, 2009



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  2. Daniel says:

    70 freaking years?!

    You know, with the latest in life extension tech I might be able to live that long. As long as they don’t change it to 99 years. Assholes.

  3. Evan, there’s a bug in your code! Since it doesn’t account for time zone differences it might cause you to release your mash-up album a few hours too soon, which will surely bring severe fines! But don’t worry! I fixed it! Here it is!

  4. Evan Roth says:

    Kyle, thanks a lot, this is a MUCH better version of the code, I’ve updated it. (I knew my version wasn’t pretty.)

  5. You’re welcome! I really like this project, and thought I’d contribute by adding to the precision of the absurdity.

    RIP MJ.

  6. jamie dubs says:

    we gotta supplant that Google Calendar!! fuckcalendar

  7. Oh no, someone pointed out a further requirement in section 305: copyright isn’t released on the anniversary of the author’s death, but at the end of that year. I just fixed my version. We’re looking at 70 years and 144 days now :(

  8. […] Evan Roths “Michael Jackson Public Domain Countdown“. Genialisk om du frÃ¥gar mig. F.A.T. jobbar pÃ¥ ett mashup tribute album som han inte kommer kunna publicera förrän han är 101 Ã¥r. Enklare än […]

  9. Evan says:

    @ Kyle, nice catch. I made the update. I also subtracted 1 from your DAY value as Calendar.DAY_OF_YEAR starts on 1 rather than 0 like the other values (am I thinking about this right?). I also made it so that when it hits 0 it plays Billy Jean, making it the first time the song will be played free of copyright. New source here:

  10. @Evan, yes, DAY_OF_YEAR starts at 1 according to Your code looks good.

    I like your modification (playing Billy Jean) :) It feels like a way less cynical piece, and much more optimistic.

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