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Due to changes on’s app, this code no longer appears to be working.

One of the best things about ROFLcon is trying to find ways to hack, heckle, and celebrate the lolz of internet culture. And no ROFLcon is complete without some meme-related project.

With the recent surge of memes generated on, there is a large number emerging memes based around this simple tool. The application of Moore’s Law to memes states that the progress of creation of memes will become quicker over time. Meme Generator Surge allows the creation of new memes by adding crazy amounts of new meme images to their site, all from a single script, reaching the God Tier in no time!

Go grab the code, run it from your computer, and make yourself a forced meme expert.

Code available at



  1. eff says:

    Great way to get you permabanned and all your images deleted.

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