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Jerry-j and I just took over the control of every billboard on Times Square. Our pictures were on the screens for like 30 minutes.View the full-size picture
We also published the instructions: How-to hack billboards


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  2. UncleRoly says:

    Arghh! It’s Rik from ‘The Young Ones’, or is it Alan B’Stard?

  3. kevin postupack says:

    Congratulations! Leave it to a narcissistic American to have access to Times Square and only promote themselves! I hope you become really famous…

  4. steve says:

    OOOOOOOH!!!!! SLAM!!!

  5. Really a great picture! Greetings from Cologne.

  6. john says:

    super fake.

  7. […] As a response to the fake skullphone billboard hack, I published “the Times Square Hack” on F.A.T. Lab […]

  8. A guy that actually makes billboards says:

    Looks like somebody got Photoshop for Christmas!

    I think the only thing that took 30 minutes was the selection job you did around your hair.

  9. tbx says:

    @ “A guy that actually..:”
    do you guys over at the Lamar Advertising Company also use photoshop?

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