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DISCLAIMER:  Don’t do this at home …ähhh … at the city trains U-Bahn or S-Bahn. They check those quite often. The bus driver in the city might ask you for a ticket or yell at you but you can always try to just walk in. At Tegel nobody cares AT ALL …. enjoy the coffee places in Berlin! ( That’s all what we have ;-)

See also James’ UK bus hack!

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Posted on February 13, 2011



  1. Zap says:

    There is a ticket machine thats usually without a queue if you turn left after that exit.

    Also note that busdrives in Berlin usually yell at you if you enter the bus via the rear doors because they are obliged to check your ticket. At Tegel they don’t care because they would get croaky. ;-)

  2. jamie dubs says:

    Bwahaha love the end credits

    Directed by Soderbergh! Serious business!

  3. pepijn says:

    Same works for tram 5 in Amsterdam.

  4. Ollie says:

    Do the same on the bendybuses in London (e.g. 12, 436, 453, 26, 73, etc). If you stay near the Oyster card readers, you can do an “emergency swipe” if any ticket inspectors get on board.

  5. tim clark says:

    This work at Ruzyne Airport in Prague CZ also. 100% of the time, everytime.

  6. sounds like we should work on a data base for public transport hacking …

  7. Seb Wier says:

    That’s not a “transit hack”, any more than a dash and dine is a diner hack. For what its worth, the train line here in Minneapolis works the same way, so anybody can get from the airport to downtown for free. You are supposed to pay, but there’s no enforcement. Certain bus lines downtown also allow you to board free (actually free) for limited distance trips, but again, no enforcement.

  8. bla bla says:

    You sucks!

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