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Fattie Evan Roth is flying off to Hong Kong with his supergirl wife to begin working with our future Chinese overlords on a plan for world domination. We’ll be sending him off in style Sunday (SUNDAY!) the 11th from 3-6pm in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. And, dear reader, you are invited. This is your last chance to pester Evan about how L.A.S.E.R. tag actually works (you: “Wait so you’re writing on the wall? What happens when the projector gets turned off” Evan:”Zzzzzz”) because you know he wont answer your email. Geeks: please try not to be awkward.

Sorry for the late notice (not really) and to further rub it in your eye, it’s a pot luck, so bring food. We’ll try to find a grassy knoll somewhere near the 5th st. and 9th ave. entrance.

Note: Look in the comments of this post for plans if it rains.


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Posted on May 9, 2008



  1. jamiew says:

    Can we cook BBQ w/ LAZERS?

  2. yeah we never took lazer bong rips either – still trying to make that happen

  3. evan says:

    Anybody got a boom box?!??!

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