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Denzel Washington is on the cover, but if you flip past a few cologne ads, you’ll find a whole other crew of debonair studs on page 218. It’s a two page spread; How To Make Your Own Graffiti Research Lab. Written by GRL, lettering by Bennett4$enate, and stupid-fresh, subliminal-message-laden illustrations by none other than Mr. Robert F. Houlihan III. Available for you to cop at local newsstands, or get the PDF right here. Web version here.

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Posted on November 15, 2007



  1. HELLO guys, it looks really nice.

  2. James Ferrari says:

    hey there guys looks pro loveing the work

  3. misterbadguy99 says:

    I just started lazer tagin with my friends
    yay :D (happy face)

  4. Morse says:

    ////”First NZ Laser Tag Session” starts next week \\\\

    ill keep it posted.

  5. tramadol says:



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