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If you type “fuck” or “shit” into Google’s new What Do You Love? service you are adorably redirected to “kittens” instead. I dug through their source code and extracted Google’s complete list of unspeakables, embedded below.


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Posted on July 28, 2011



  1. r0h says:

    There’s also a disabled Kanye West easter egg in the source code, which would display these shutter shades.

  2. Aram says:

    wow!! awesome poetry jamie!! love all these variations on a single term, when and where is the public reading of this?!? ;)

  3. Teepo says:

    I almost think it’s offensive that in all that list is hidden this word:


    What the hell is wrong with that?!

    Also… it has “dink” in the list. What the hell is wrong with THAT?!!

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  6. w_rodman says:

    the word “dink” is an old racial epithet. us soldiers in vietnam used to call all vietnamese “dinks”

  7. Adam says:

    lol. Many words still missing.
    Bosoms, bewbs etc.

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  9. “God” is in fact in the list, but the code using the list transforms the search string to lower case before it checks. This may be a case of religious sabotage.

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  11. Roel says:

    these words may be banned by google in America, they are not banned in the Netherlands. Why? You guys also have freedom of speech in your constitution.

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  13. […] had to look some of these up. posted by Joel Bernstein in boners, cunt, fuck all y'all, language, no shit | * | […]

  14. Thanks for the inspiration – here’s a derived speed project, making the unspeakables heard: Talk Dirty to Me

  15. ryxxui says:

    Roel- the Freedom of Speech in our Constitution guarantees individuals the right to their own free speech. Google, as a corporation, has every right to not allow these words as input to this program, and it is not a violation of our First Amendment.

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  18. Telegram Sam says:

    Google doesn’t want you to love sex, but at least they’re not interfering with anyone’s natural impulse to love smoking crack, committing arson and torturing kittens.

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  20. Rob says: still works!

  21. Rich says:

    Twunter? Really?

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  23. Jonathon says:

    Pooey Bumhole works a treat too

  24. Telegram Sam says:

    Verified collateral damage: film director Alex Cox, science fiction author Philip K. Dick, comedian Dick Van Dyke, 1956 motion picture or 1977 Iggy Pop album Lust for Life, painter/illustrator Josh “Shag” Agle, fashion designer Vera Wang, and confectioner Willy Wonka.

  25. Jim Bob says:

    You can still look up Mianus. The word that is not my actual… you get the idea

  26. datakid says:

    Heh. You should try plugging in vaginas. Lolarific:

    Explore vaginas in 3D
    Find vaginas nearby
    Watch videos of vaginas
    Translate ‘vaginas ’ into 57 languages
    Access vaginas on the web, faster
    Call someone about vaginas
    Organize a debate about vaginas
    Measure popularity of vaginas on the web
    Alert me about vaginas

    by far the best:
    Scour the earth for vaginas

  27. It’s not just futile, it’s actually counterproductive. Any searches for ‘De Cock’, a famed dutch (fictional) detective is thwarted, while searches for “kutwijf”, “teringlijer”, “reetkever”, “arschloch” or “filio da puta” and other (non-english) pejoratives results in an invitation to start a discussion-group or to phone someone about it.


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  29. Teter_Posh says:

    Your mom isnt on the list

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  32. mark ireland says:

    Mind you tho, it doesn’t block words like Bomb, or how to make bombs, crack pipes, and marijuana

  33. amanda says:

    ‘dead children’ and ‘sodomy’ work just fine.

  34. Daniel says:

    How’d “lmfao” end up there? It’s a staple of online communication!

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  36. Raffi says:

    Looks like they’ve switched to querying a URL in the background. E.g., This keeps the list hidden. The script is, search for “profanity”. Curiously is still permitted, revealing a regional bias.

  37. Leonardo Boiko says:

    • Pigfucker? Are we listing every possible +fucker?
    • “buceta” (Portuguese for “cunt”). Why this single Portuguese swearword when the whole rest of the list is English?
    • Google doesn’t want you to love“homo”, “dykes” or “gaysex”.

  38. Mikko says:

    I like that boobs with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 O’s are bad, but boooooobs is fine :–)

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  40. trainman261 says:

    am I the only one who noticed they have “kondum” and “kondums” on their list but not “condom” or “condoms? And I can stil say fuck your mother whore’s shit. lmmfao. Another word they missed.

  41. says:

    Google: What do you love?…

    Und wieder einmal erblickt ein neuer Google-Service das gleißend helle digitale Licht der Netzwelt:, oder “What do you love?”. Hier kann man – einmal einen Suchbegriff eingegeben – das gesuchte Etwas über alle Google-An…

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