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Posted on February 3, 2010



  1. ian says:

    how do we not give google are data? are you going to post a list of ways that google obtains our data and ways we can protect it?

  2. fffffat says:


  3. I like how you’re basically building an alternative metaphor for understanding the interaction between crowd sourced, data-driven companies like Google and their users.

    The language is generally restricted to the idea of “sharing”, where Google is seen as an enabler. Silently, in the background, making connections between data and people, putting the users first.

    But you’re presenting this neighborhood thug analogy, where Google becomes a sort of backstabbing friend. With some minor exceptions, I thought Google had a decent record for protecting user privacy unless faced with a subpoena?

    Hosting your own data doesn’t really solve these privacy issues, as you become dependent on some other (perhaps smaller) organization. Even running a server at home, your data still passes through the ISP. They’ll cache it and, if required by law, release it as well. Unless we run our own cables or start operating solely over low frequency radio, I don’t see information being significantly more in the hands of individuals any time in the near future.

    Also, I don’t understand how these videos make a connection between privacy and the value of “your data”? Valuable to who? What data? And what does that have to do with privacy?

    So much tension! I hope these questions will be resolved in the final episode… :/

  4. billy says:

    fffffat’s funny. your illustration (fucking the google logo) suggests sexual fucking, which hopefully involves pleasure and affection for the fucking partner (not derision, fuck that).

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