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F.A.T. friend and GML collaborator Golan Levin has released the latest addition to the world of Graffiti Markup Language……. GML Stenciler: Laser Cut Patterns from Graffiti Markup Language. He writes:

“We announce the release of GMLStenciler, an open-source software project for converting Graffiti Markup Language (GML) drawings into vector-art stencils suitable for laser cutting. This free tool solves the problem of transforming GML’s widthless linear strokes into adjustably-thickened stencil patterns with automatically bridged islands. GMLStenciler is built in openFrameworks, an open-source C++ toolkit 
for creative coding; it can be downloaded here (with complete source code) for Windows and Mac OSX.”

For more information, downloads and source code, view Golan’s project post.

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Posted on July 5, 2010



  1. Randy says:

    Charlie’s project…!

    “The GMLStenciler software was entirely developed by Charlie, my 15-year-old intern, during June 2010. Charlie (a rising Junior in a Pittsburgh-area high school) has a solid background in Java programming and server-side web scripting, but hadn’t previously worked with C++, OpenGL, OpenCV, or openFrameworks, so this proved to be an ideal learning project. Here’s a photo of Charlie. Charlie developed GMLStenciler in openFrameworks under the auspices of Golan Levin.”

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