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For those of you who dont know, SXSW Interactive is a once a year event held in beautiful Austin, Texas where some of the world’s most well-known, male, web 2.0 Twitterati get together, talk to the prettiest girl they have ever met for 15 minutes, ride a mechanical bull and then throw up in the lobby of their hotel. Females in the IT industry also attend and contribute.

GRL was invited to give “the best keynote of SXSW” (so that’s what we did). Unfortunately, My partner Evan could not attend because he likes to eat food and sleep indoors (pussy). If you also could not attend, you can still watch video documentation of the Keynote below.

GRL with Virginia Heffernan @ SXSW Interactive Part I
GRL with Virginia Heffernan @ SXSW Interactive Part II

Another video on Youtube of the Keynote presentation that includes the part of the talk (edited from the official SXSW documentation) where i mention Evan didnt come because SXSW doesnt pay their contributors. In the end we are all tricksters to some degree, aren’t we.


Thanks to Virginia, Ben,Raina, Jessica, ELLIOTT, Jaja, Shawn, Hugh, Souris, Ben C, Jamie, Rocketboom, Ronen V, Jen B, the haters (for speaking your mind), and all the nerds I’ve loved before…


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Posted on March 23, 2009



  1. tbx says:

    wow they actually cut out the “evan is not here because he likes to get payed” sentence. at least they got the message.

  2. Luke1972 says:

    Was funny seeing the nerds reaction to your talk on twitter, in my graffiti search rss feed. (oops doesnt that make me a nerd too?)

  3. Robert Gaal says:

    This nerd thought it was pretty fucking awesome walking into a GRL dude on the streets of Austin. Hurry back to the Netherlands some time!

  4. JPisaTo000oo0l says:

    Am i the only one that think James is a media hungry tool?

    Really JP…How many times can you say “nice ass” before Red Bull pays you to wear a T-shirt…?

    At least I’m not the only one that thinks so:

    “Powderly, who is irreverent to the point of irritation”

  5. James Powderly says:

    I totally agree about powderly. also he is impotent. but i disagree about Red Bull. I really love their new “Red Bull gives you ‘nice ass'” campaign?

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