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I’m not a very good cook but I’ve been eating this omelet everyday for the last week and the shit is tasty. Here goes:

– beat 3 eggs, a dollop of olive oil and a splash of water in bowl.
– Oil up a pan and heat it on medium.
– Chop up the following:
Fresh basil
Yellow pepper
Red pepper
– Put it all in the pan
– Before folding dump in some fresh grated parmesan and a lot of pepper
– Fold and flip.
– Eat and get fffff@.

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Posted on February 20, 2008



  1. aw man, I hadn’t even thought to tap the FAT recipe how-to knowledge! I’ll think of something good for y’alls…

    yo Evan, I’d suggest letting the veggies cook down a little bit before throwing the eggs up in there, but that’s just my style.

    “Be healthy y’all” – Dead Prez

  2. i’m freakin hungry now

  3. borna says:


  4. evan says:

    Don’t hate the player…. hate the game.

  5. […] ingredients, so in many ways this is “open sourcing” food. Also, if Evan can post about food, why can’t I? I promise it’s not even really that complicated. Also: anything tastes […]

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