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A custom version of Fat Tag Deluxe – Katsu Edition hacked for projection bombing goodness!

Grab the original app here.

First 10 comments get a custom Fat Tag Deluxe – Katsu Editon with projector output sent to them. [ ps it requires dropping a bit of cash on a fancy white apple cable for it to be any use ]. Drop your email and uuid in the comments and once I have all ten I’ll send it over.

How To:
Using the awesome code posted here and by adding the Media Player Framework to your xcode project – all you need to do is add one file to your project ( UIApplication_TVOut.m ) and paste one line of code into the file that is managing your iPhone app:

So for us that was at this point in ( from the OF iPhone 006 release ).

//Add this line to start outputting to TV / Projector
[[UIApplication sharedApplication] startTVOut];

Once you have done this your app will automatically output through the av cable to a projector or TV. You might see some weird artifacts on the iPhone screen but the output on the projector will be clear.

Here’s hoping that Apple will make this framework public soon – as soon as it is it will be added to the official Fat Tag Deluxe (iTunes link) version.

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Posted on January 8, 2010



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  2. Chickenplucker says:

    If we missed the first 10, is there any hope that the video out version of this app will be made available through some other means? Other then waiting for Apple to chill out?

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  4. Joe says:

    If you have a jailbroken phone you should be able to use the standard app from the store and the tv out app from cydia. Hope this helps someone!

  5. Chickenplucker says:

    Thanks Joe, didn’t realize it would be that simple.

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  7. the mask says:

    BIG UP! testing fattag with tvout and pico beamer! here the video: – – (h.264 / 1:59 min / 26,9 mb)

    theo how do you think framerate looks like? seems pretty smooth. Cant wait to launch it in public. Of course not the strongest lumen,but with black n white it should go quite big (5meters?)…

    Hope i am not to late.
    uuid: 397996dd41e6be5134877877d9b7978d270eed6a

    one question: Why does apple not allow releasing videoout on apps?

  8. Theo Watson says:

    Hey thats awesome!
    Wow – so basically any jailbroken device can output to TV whether it is coded in the app or not.

    Thats great news!

  9. Joe says:

    Also you might want to know that you can use the Resupported app to use any old ipod video cable, not just the $50 one from apple. The apps costs $1.99 and you can get it from bigboss repo.

    You can also get the “cracked” version from xsellize but it apparently stops working after 5 days so its good for testing out the cable I suppose.
    Glad I could help with my tv out suggestion. :) Great work with this app and I’m looking forward to getting it soon. It might be to late but my uuid is 6d1168d7a7af883e3db796bd086da416d6db771a

    Looking forward to trying this out myself!

  10. Joe says:

    Edit: Idk why I posted my uuid… whatever haha. I don’t need the app anymore from you because I can just buy it and use tv out too.

  11. Joe says:

    oh one more thing, if you want to do this on your jailbroken phone I would recommend you use the app “TVOut2 Mirror TVOut”. It is working pretty well for me.

  12. the mask says:

    Just played a little and encounter some slowdown of the system when using tvout, seems pretty processor-consuming,so dont forget to turn it off!

  13. The mask says:

    Jo, just did more Tests. And there is One problem! In order to tag horizontal i have to install the Beamer Vertical – get it? Tv out is Great and reconize if i hold my device vertical or horizontal, but fattag doesnot flip 90 degrees, like Some other apps. Which means that playing on à tv becomes Quite difficult. As à result it is Not Full screen playing. Understanable?

  14. Theo Watson says:

    Yeah that is because the regular Fat Tag was setup in Portrait mode. The next update to Fat Tag Deluxe will have the app be set to Landscape mode so the TV out will be able to recognize that and output to the full screen.

    I just discovered this issue last night while testing FT Deluxe with the TV out tips you and Joe posted.

  15. Joe says:

    Interesting, I had the same issue I think. First I enabled rotation if you have the rotation inhibitor sbsetting toggle. Then in TVOut2’s settings lock the aspect to landscape and then open the app. That’s what worked for me…

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  17. The mask says:

    Yes!! That Works! Locked the Settings and GO! That Rocks because wont turn the screen!

  18. the mask says:

    just download the deluxe version. Very cool features, deluxe work Theo! Seems like for me fattag looks smoother in the curves than delux, hmmm , kind of “different”, see here the screen shot:
    deluxe is more angled in the turn but more smooth at the stroke border.Maybe it’s because of the gml data?

    Yeah we will try it out today in a club, through a led wall!

  19. Theo Watson says:

    Hey The Mask,
    Yes it was an issue with the touch callbacks – I have an update (1.02) which will fix this and result in much smoother drawing.

    But it is also a little to do with the way the apps draw. The old version is drawing with OpenGL strips – this is nice but not so good for more paint / pen style strokes.

    The Deluxe app is drawing with PNG ‘brushes’ and is a raster brush – has more texture but doesn’t look as clean.

    Would love to see photos of the LED output :)

  20. Jesse says:

    Hmm… am I doing something wrong? Finding it so slow it’s pretty much unusable. :( My iPhone’s an old 1st gen but that should be as fast as a 3G…

  21. mask says:

    Thats awsome news! Straight strokes look much better with deluxe wired… hehe , smmmooooooth!

    on the way to the club! run that beast through a 3 x 5 meter led wall, drippy trash shit…

  22. The mask says:

    Inthe flex Club ! In the Net! Gml Data upload starting at 2 pm / s.p.y. Metalheadz on the deckz!

  23. the mask says:

    Juppy , Just uploaded fotos to my crunchtime blog. See here:

    one bug: when opening “move menu” need to tab twice to open.

  24. Agent Orange says:

    Hey man, just working on some projects with GML, and I purchased the app in itunes… would love a copy with tv out ;)


  25. the mask says:

    just uploaded the first video,
    face excelerated
    car tag normal speed… seems that tvout2 is slower, than coded solution…

  26. Theo Watson says:

    wow – looks great!
    That is a sick rig.
    The pico projector looks pretty bright on the car.

  27. Zed says:

    This looks amazing. If only I could afford a silly-spec projector to go with it :|

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  32. wow, this would be heaps better if you weren’t so fucking toy

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