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Roll into Transmediale in style by whipping up your very own FAT hoodie. Bonus points if one of you prints “LAB” on yours and stands next to a “FAT” for a picture. Instructable, PDF pattern, FuckFlickr set, all public domain. We got the idea for the letters across the hood from IMP.

Posted on January 28, 2010



  1. Robert H says:

    Once again, you’ve posted the worst thing i’ve seen on this site in weeks, or whenever the last time you posted was. haha. i’ve got how to instructions for printing F.A.T. on dees nuts, so holler at me. kaboom!

  2. This is by far the worst comment ever posted on the FAT Blog. Ever. Thank you Robert H. for being a total douche bag.

  3. Robert H says:

    comic book guy?

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  5. BaSH PR0MPT says:

    He has a point, Randy. I think I’d be obliged to beat down anyone I saw wearing a ‘home made hoodie’, how fucking ghetto is that shit?

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