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Footage from F.A.T. involvement in last weeks BLK River Festival. (Apologies in advance for the non-gender-neutral audio… I tried really hard to resist the urge of using a FATBOYS track and lost).

Aram Bartholl: Are You Human?

Tobi Leingruber: Skatekeyboard

James Powderly & Jihoi Lee: Baltimore

Evan Roth w/ Chris Sugrue: Digital Blackbook (Graffiti Analysis 2.0)

Tempt1 / EyeWriter Team:

Tempt1 w/ the eyes, Miz Justice w/ the hands:


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  2. Aram says:

    NICE!!! the mic on the jenkins sculpt. is awesome …

  3. tttttobi says:

    Dude awesome editing!!

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