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Eye Toy preview from james powderly on Vimeo.

Peep a sneak of the latest project-in-progress from the FAT Lab: a soon-to-be-mythical collab between Graffiti Research Lab, Theo Watson, Zach Leiberman, Chris Sugrue, The Ebeling Group and LA graffiti legend, TEMPT ONE.

YO Evan, Zach and Chris… you betta get ur asses out to Venice Beach. Me and Theo are already done and eatin all your fish tacos! YO ARS! Keep our Nica warm!


Follow project updates on the FAT site and fucktwitter.


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Posted on March 30, 2009



  1. rolf says:


  2. […] Research Lab, FAT Lab, and a number of likely affiliated technologists, artists, and graffiti writers are spending the […]

  3. Agent scott says:

    yo Zach gave us a sneak peek of this at FITC.

    mad props.

    ~ Agent Scott
    GRL CA

  4. NotWorthy says:

    *Humbly bowing to the master* truly blown away. thanks for this.

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