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Oh internet gods please bring me a fffffat lab logo that looks like any of these.

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Posted on November 1, 2007



  1. theo says:

    reminds me of polymarchs – they had the best logos and posters in the world – there was a whole website with the designs but this one is the only one I could find now

  2. theo says:

    ahh well here they have thumbnails of some of them

    its hard to see though, the boat one is pretty dope. My favorite was the egyptian pharaoh flying on a 12″ record with a gold chain holding a lion. classic!

  3. yah evan you missed it down in MX – on the last night they brought one of those soundsystems out to CENART, and they had the most fire banner with all their logos on it surrounding la Virgen because they are all united in some sort of soundsystem solidarity. Julio told me that they all celebrate and give thanks to la Virgen one day a year on which all the systems go out to different parts of the city and play for free. I snapped some flicks of the logo banner:
    ENEMIGA is my favorite.

  4. more inspiration, on the American side, old school hip-hop party flyers:

  5. hernan siordia says:

    polymarchs used to rule. sonidero badass. you can still get their sets from (1998 i believe) in blogs. they used to have wicked high energy trancy tunes that today are classics. later editions are recorded live with an mc that speaks inbetween tracks :( lol

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