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Detroit native James Dewitt Yancey (also known as J Dilla and Jay Dee) was one of the most prolific and influential producers in the history of hip-hop. The Legacy Lives On is a memorial tribute consisting of an urban scale timer that counts down to 70 years after Yancey’s death, at which point his music will be free of copyright and enter the public domain. This temporary version of the piece was installed on the facade of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit on Oct. 5 and 6, 2012.

Thanks Dlectricity, Ma Dukes, everyone at the J Dilla Foundation, and above all, thank you Jay Dee.

The software and source code used to project the memorial can be downloaded and modified for use with other artists at the links below.

Download source code:

Download standalone application: Linux | Windows | OSX

Posted on November 2, 2012



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