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As net art is entering into widespread recognition, a trend of purchasing is occurring by interested collectors. Instead of the takedowns typically seen from Homeland Security / FBI domain seizures, collectors are issuing their own takedown notices as digital web pages are being entered into private galleries & museums, removing these pieces from the public visibility that gave these artists and their digital works their viewing audience.

Don’t be surprised when you see a digital purchase takedown notice on your favorite piece.

Make your own: Download the Purchase Takedown Notice PSD (1.2MB).



  1. Editors Notice / Correction by Aram:

    I pretty sure this post by Greg raised some eyebrows among the community. ‘What is this about?’ Let me explain the background and also make a correction on the issue. We ve been discussing lately about different digital art market concepts and ideas. Among other things also this story came up. There’ve been rumors that the MoMA was interested to have a piece of JODI but wanted to take it offline. Greg crafted a beautiful speed project from this info. But it appears now this story is not quite correct.

    The true story is: JODI was asked to be part of a show at the MoMA (a while ago) but the MoMA wanted to show an offline copy instead of the actual online piece. It sort of makes sense in the exhibition logic of a big museum but ignores the basic idea of ( … eventually JODI rejected to take part in the show). This being said the post above seems drastically exaggerated (as always on FAT!! DISCLAIMER!!) and is in its core message not correct. None the less we decided to leave it up because it still addresses the vibrant discussion on how digital art is and/or should be handled in museums and in the market.

    ps: We encourage the MoMA to show more true digital FINE art! (… instead of having Google digitizing the museum ;)

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