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Posted on April 4, 2009



  1. jamie dubs says:

    there’s been a rickroll snuck into almost every one of these videos :D

  2. The wacky dudes! Ha ha.

    Nice job you guys been doing! And thanks for releasing often and early, along with rappppp music.

  3. oneup says:

    hey, i need the song in the end (the robin hood theme remix thing)

  4. siep says:

    This is wicked shit!

    Hey can you post a list of all tracks used in these videos?

  5. Peter says:

    This is a really great project. I can’t wait to see it in action.

  6. *_* says:

    Chris is cute. she makes the video worth watching.!!

  7. […] GRL developing eye-tracking lasertag for graf writer TEMPT ONE, who has Lou Gehrig’s Disease… Here’s the latest video on their progress. Filed under: random — by adafruit, posted April 4, 2009 at 11:32 pm […]

  8. *_* says:

    oh..I didnt mean the video is not worth watching… I meant to say, it makes the video better.. sorry for enrish second language.

  9. *_* says:

    what you all are doing is awesome indeed!! cheers

  10. @siep
    1st: De La Soul – Eye Patch
    2nd : De La Soul – Eye Know

  11. siep says:

    cool! thanks!

  12. @siep.. Got the whole list :

    Day #7 : Sounds like “Eye in the sky” by Alan Parson Project, but not sure.
    Day #6 : De La Soul, as I said previously.
    Day #5 : Busta Rhymes – Put you hands where my eyes could see
    Day #4 : Don’t know where the intro is from,and main song is 2Pac – All Eyes On Me
    Day #3 : Mobb Deep – Eye For An Eye (Your beef is mine)
    Day #2 : Bone Thugs & Harmony – Look Into my Eyes

  13. siep says:

    you sir, rock.

  14. jamie dubs says:

    Evan posted a “running out of ‘Eye’ tracks” question on fucktwitter this morning… register an account and throw some ideas up, or just leave comments here:

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