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I can’t believe this! Germany entered the scene on the digital globe today! Congrats! Google Streetview is finally life! Although it seems Google had some trouble keeping the good quality. Many images are blurred or even black, strange – how come? ;-) ….. Oh! whats that?!? Look what I found!!! F.A.T. patrol is on Steetview OMG! yes true, I heard they tagged the car with a GPS last February … what?!? They even hijacked it?!?! ( t miss the video) … OMG !!!…btw, we love Google ! (because we need it to defeat evil Apple and FB ;-) – what? they already lost the war? … :-)


OMG! It seems that Google for one day even considered to run Streetview in Germany as a paid premium service … it would make sense! They spend so much extra money on ‘post production’ ;-)

The Streetview page was blocked and the text says something like ‘Due to the high effort in picture editing Google Germany has decided to run  Google Streetview as a paid premium service….”  The page was up for only one day and for some strange reason they list themselves now as a phising attack ?!? see yourself . Probably trying to blame someone else ;-)

[Great speed coding job Dragan! Speed project by Dragan Espenschied and Aram Bartholl on a beautiful Friday morning last week! ]

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Posted on November 18, 2010



  1. me says:

    What a bad photoshop work. A 10 year old could have done that way better.
    So waht for?

  2. my 5 year old sun did that one. not bad, right?

  3. samuel says:

    It fooled me until I relized that was way too many people sitting inside a car with a roof.

  4. tbx says:

    @me lol, you clearly don’t get our style. love the photoshopped image ++1

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