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I may have my research wrong (if so please correct me in the comments), but it appears that a group called grafiteria has done a Laser Tag event for the Nokia Trends 2007 event. I would like to go on record here for a moment and say fuck nokia and fuck grafiteria. Based on their photos I found online I’m pretty sure we could kick their asses (see below).

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Posted on January 2, 2008



  1. aaahhh open source. We decline to work with Nokia, so they get someone else to do our project instead. Urban Laser Design?

    – don’t spend too much energy hating though – its only gonna give them more (than their current paltry 167) youtube hits and web traffic.

  2. Ciroshu says:

    OMG! No ways. Fucks you guys. We made these technologies so better and tastes good. So Fucks you guys.
    We would kill you guys.


  3. Michael says:

    The $$$$$ at the end sure fit your sell-out image dude.


  4. f* says:

    those gayfags barely speak propa english…
    its “FUCK YOU” not “fucks you” dumbass…

    also their homepage sucks hardcore ass.

  5. […] all the things to be sad about, it’s hard to remember that it’s the new year… thus happy to bring some fat […]

  6. The saddest part of this is that it’s happening in Sao Paolo, where there has been an ban on outdoor advertising for the past year. Tastes bad.

  7. Ciroshu says:

    You $ucks so bad Steve Lambert. Tasties Good
    Babies. Soooo Goood.


  8. evan says:

    Looks like people in Brazil have taken notice:

  9. jamie dubs says:

    lazer beef!
    ta$tes like chicken

  10. jamie dubs says:

    p.s. Make covers how to make lazer graffiti too — make $$$$ fast

  11. 3C says:

    Sounds massively gay. They look like a bunch of wacky brazilian homosexuals. Must be really exciting to be an urban design crew in 2008. Do you go around giving the city a makeover?

    But seriously you’re gay and we hate you.

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