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2009: Year of the FAT from james powderly on Vimeo.

In February 2010, the most renowned curators and critics in the world nominated the best 100 designs of the previous year for the Design Museum London’s Design of the Year Show. Amongst the fancy chairs, fabric sports cars and dresses for chubbers, 3 projects by FAT fellows were nominated in the category of Interactive Art: openFrameworks, Graffiti Taxonomy, and the EyeWriter. 100 designs were honored… but only one can win… probably gonna be that dead fashion designer…

So, like Babe Ruth, I’m calling my shot: The FAT Lab is gonna win the Interactive Art Category. Im so certain of it, that i am making a challenge to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. If the F.A.T Lab wins, I will wear a red toupee for 3 months. If Amazon’s Kindle 2 wins, Bezos will have to wear the rug for a mere 30 days. If neither of us wins, we both do. C’mon Bezos, you know my number… let’s do dis! Usman, Eno, Jason, you want a piece of this action? In the words of another notorious loser, “Bring it on!”

If you’re in London (i feel sorry for you…), head down to the Museum to check out the show and tune-in to the Culture Show on BBC2 London on March 4th at 19:00 GMT for the results and may the best looking head win! And Tivo that shit, cuz I aint got a TV.

Congrats to Zach, Theo, Chris, Evan, Mick, Tony and the rest of the FAT crew for a great year. LYLAS!


  1. yfyf says:

    zomg what’s the track in the video?!?!

  2. I wish you could feel sorry for me James :P

    Congrats on the nominations boys.

  3. James Powderly says:

    @yfyf i suppose ur not talking about the chariots of fire midi track ;) its roots manuva. the track is called witness to fitness. @ GRLV where you livin now Michael. I leave london in 12 days and im moving to Seoul. Going to the center of the world! The new center! FuckWest!

  4. Jamie Dubs says:


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