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From Students for a Free Tibet. Read more on their site including what you can do.

BREAKING NEWS – August 21 – 11PM Beijing: Six foreigners given 10 days’ detention

BEIJING (AFP) — Beijing police said Thursday it had handed out 10-day detention terms to six foreigners believed by an overseas activist group to be pro-Tibet campaigners involved in Olympic protests this week.

Statement from James before he was arrested (starts about 1 minute in)

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Posted on August 21, 2008



  1. jake says:

    WTF! that’s insane.

  2. […] Research Lab founder & Internet Famous Class co-prof James Powderly has been detained by Chinese authorities for planning pro-Tibet protests, along with Brian Conley of Alive in Baghdad and 4 others (the […]

  3. nathan says:

    Check this link:

    For more things YOU can do to advocate for their early release.

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