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subpixel files

~10×2″ (260x50mm) laser cut file, for 1/8″ (~3mm) acrylic and SEB10 razor blades. Also includes a basic SEB10 reference file and a partial holder for testing.

Posted on April 1, 2012



  1. G. Carter S. says:

    This is Awesome! Would you consider sharing these files on “” ?

  2. […] subpixel is built from laser-cut acrylic, rubber bands, and nine razor blades. In two quick swipes, it transforms a small patch of subway advertisement from a “one-way, unending flow of shit” into an 8×8 grid of pixel stickers, ready for two-way interaction with the public. Download the files for laser cutting here. […]

  3. The BFG says:

    Can be found as a 3D printable in various sizes on Thingiverse here…

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