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FAT is building a .gif army bred for the single purpose of occupying the Internet. Join the army by creating animated gif foot soldiers and leaving them in the comments of this post. Stay tuned for operation Occupy the Internet.

(Sign by Steve Lambert!)

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Posted on October 12, 2011



  1. Evan Roth says:

    Haha, awesome, yes we need you both! I’ve been just doing image searches for Occupy Wall street and using GIMP to stitch protest signs onto my favorite gifs.

    I think this one needs a sign for sure:

    If it’s easier for others to email gifs to me feel free to send them here – info[at] and I’ll make sure they get properly enlisted.

  2. Babies against America for sale!

  3. btw….that baby is dancing to rap music. ;)

  4. Telegram Sam says:

  5. hubs says:

    Funny but…

    Mostly not helping.

  6. Vfv Anonymous says:

  7. Vfv Anonymous says:

  8. Vfv Anonymous says:

  9. Vfv Anonymous says:

  10. Vfv Anonymous says:

    Join the Revolution

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  14. It’s Not A Crisis! It’s A Scam!

  15. Adam Harms says:

    Transparent background versions –

  16. Adam Harms says:

    ^ OMG that pokemon one above is so good. One more –

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  18. Dragan says:

    Better slogan: “Working people can’t be poor people”

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