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Hey everybody! I just made some F.A.T. screenshots of websites viewed with “The Timemachine” Firefox add-on. It uses the syntax of any website and adds a beautiful amateur style, like it was in common in the mid-90s.

ffff.at in the 90s // christmas time
fffff.at 10 years ago

google in the 90s // cyberspace under construction
google under construction

youtube // jump ‘n’ run tribute
youtube jump ā€˜nā€™ run tribute

To become as cool as Marty McFly visit http://timemachine.6x.to immediately!!!

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Posted on November 9, 2007



  1. theo says:

    Hey Tobi – that is really sick!
    I am trying to finish up my key logging firefox extension – do you know the best way to do an onload event that doesn’t interfere with ajax/web 2.0 sites onload stuff?

    Window.addEventHandler(‘load’, …. freaks out Gmail and makes it constantly reloads itself.

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  3. tramadol says:



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