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Arturo and I just taught an openframeworks workshop in iMal brussels. If you don’t know, OF is an open source cross platform c++ library that has been used for lots of FAT projects.

openframeworks @ iMal brussels from thesystemis on Vimeo.

you’ll notice tim knapen, of WGT giant white glove fame. Also, theo makes a hoodied appearance. And in FAT style, all the source code from what we talked about and what people made is online on the OF wiki

There is a (sadly booked up now) workshop coming up in the UK, and if you are in japan, I will be teaching an intro workshop in fukuoka June 19-21, info: english / japanese… code + ramen :)

also, there is a mailing list on openframeworks.cc and info about events on the forum so you can find out ways to get your nerd on…

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Posted on June 6, 2009


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question: what is the internet without links?


internot logo

firefox plugin internot shows the web the way tim berners lee did not intend !! see here:

internot vs drudgereport

drudge can’t report….

internot vs cnn

cnn’s got no news…

can’t digg

can’t digg…

you are two clicks away from complete freedom…. install it: here

see also the excellent: tourettes & FFFFFire FFFFFox extension & time machine

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Posted on February 7, 2008


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with all the things to be sad about, it’s hard to remember that it’s the new year… thus happy to bring some fat styling new years greetings — for lovers of fat letters everywhere !!
open source, so download the p5 sketch, and make your own greetings too… enjoy!

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Posted on January 3, 2008


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