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A quick app I put together this morning as a response to Todd Vanderlin’s AR scratching ( ). The app uses the accelerometer of the ipod touch to control the speed of a ‘vinyl record’ on the ipod screen. Slowing down the record and speeding it up is just a matter of controlling how fast you spin the device.

Made with openFrameworks.

Next up scratching!
Track is Full Clip by Gang Starr.

Thanks to Zach Gage’s excellent ofxALSoundPlayer class!


  1. Frank says:

    Awesome. If you put it on a record player whilst its spinning, does it play at a normal speed?

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  9. Joffrey says:

    It rocks, we need it on the App Store!

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  12. drgonzo says:

    Looking forward to download and play it!

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  14. Ian says:

    Is this application really real? On this video it looks kinda fake. Yeah… I know that it is possible to make this thing working. But specially on this footage, there is a strange movement and a fake light. Just impressions…

  15. Allsom says:

    I agree with Ian… This is as fake as a 4 dollar bill… and the quality of sound is too good for a iphone speaker. :) kind regards, allsom.

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  17. Randy says:

    From the conversation on Vimeo… determining which way an accelerometer is accelerating is a royal pain in the bloody arse. Tapping might work out nicely. Is there any way to use the camera to determine this? I look forward to seeing how you solve this one.

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  20. iPhone Vinyl says:

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  21. computer guy says:

    FAKE! The accelerometers are not capable of detecting this motion.

  22. computer guy says:

    Actually, I take that back. The sensors can detect this. They could not detect rotational *position* but can detect rotational *motion*.. nice!

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  26. Grand emplacement et information utile, si vous avez plus sur cette matière me faisiez savoir

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  28. Callum says:

    @Computer guy, I believe he stated that he actually uses the outward force to detect how fast it’s spinning – centrifugal force increases with the speed of rotation.
    So even if it couldn’t directly detect rotation it would word.

  29. David Esquivel says:

    OMG. this is excellent to get your iphone/ipod scratched as you’ve never imagined…

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  35. ralph says:

    Were can i download this??

  36. be23rk says:

    This is a really cool app! You cant skratch on something that has no torque though…..

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  38. lintroller says:

    is this app available for download??

  39. JB says:

    Doesn’t exist. Never has. But search “Vinyl” on the app store for a cool retro record player that actually does exist and does quite a bit. Plays all your itunes and looks groovy too.

  40. Emil says:

    Hey theo im reallylooking forward to this app! Can u at least let us know when your going to put it on app store? Or even finish it? Thanks man i really appreciate it!!!

  41. victor says:

    please submit it to appstore! plz

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  43. cafenitro says:

    That’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

  44. Stephen says:

    Fun fun fun! We posted it in out blog as well.

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