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Drx and I are big fans of the german politician for family affairs, Ursula von der Leyen. Thanks to her quite emotional killer argument “child pornography”, we now have a law in Germany to build a censorship infrastructure. We think this is very great of her, so we started a Fanclub Recently we presented ourselfs to the public.

We also presented our fun Ursula script, it allows you to put her head on your website, and make her give comments about the website you are currently viewing.


Your Ursula von der Leyen Fanclub.


  1. Randy says:

    Censorship… the universal language

  2. Max says:

    im from germany and the the people here dont even get that this IS an “evil thing”. i mean the media has some kind of function to tell about it but they didnt and wont as long as their own sites are not censored because of a link or what ever to something the government dont like. that sucks!

  3. Eike says:

    nice idea ^^ I have never seen a politician who has less knowledge about a subject he’s working with. Well ok, Pallin maybe…

  4. theo says:

    best picture ever
    where is the cartier champagne though?

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  6. borna says:

    this is a big year for you. you got to meet spiderman??? what was he like?

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  9. Kris says:

    Even in Denmark we hate her. You don’t fuck with Rammstein.

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