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At the first glance TINA seems to be the best “attention-h0” ever, famous for her trashy and brave “user generated content”. Her youtube videos are absolutley authentic, the internet loves her, and she has a big fanbase. But why would a person expose itself in such a excessive way? Just for being internet famous?

Her recent flyer promoting “Tina’s Essay Contest” looks so perfectly trashy and 90s style, that it smells like the work of a professional. Color, typography, well-cropped backgrounds – it’s hard to do it better. Compare the flyer of TINA with Bennet4$senate’s (F@ Lab artist)

s6hais__opt_2.jpg b

Is this the work of professional amateurs? For me, it is “internet famo art”, following even bigger footsteps than Lonelygirl15:

TINA also stands for “There Is No Alternative“, a term of the famous sociologist Pierre Bourdieu. Wikipedia quotation: Bourdieu claims that how one chooses to present one’s social space to the world, one’s aesthetic dispositions, depicts one’s status and distances oneself from lower groups. DAMN!

As TINA knows how-to present her social space to the world really well, we should look forward to her further career. See also:

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