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Type anything in the box for a continuous, full-browser stream of videos. Get as specific as you want, e.g. dogs welcoming soldiers home.

I made this along with Chad Pugh and Casey Pugh at the 24 hour event this weekend.

The app is just HTML & javascript using a customized VHX embed player — one with no play/pause button, cuz this is nonstop.

» Click here for source code.

See also: Music Video Genome — Pandora for music videos, powered by + VHX

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Posted on September 15, 2011



  1. tbx says:


    Can you pls add keyboard controls aswell? I want an easy way to skip bad videos.

    I can totally see this running in bars on projectors and LCDs! One should add a payment-solution, so people can pay 50 cents or so to enter the next keywords! :D Internet-Video-Jukebox baby!!1

  2. tbx says:

    Randy should build a physical vhx-video-jukebox where you can pay with actual coins or dollar bills, than install it in some hipster bar lol.

  3. gleuch says:

    tobi, awesome idea!

  4. Jamie Dubs says:

    By popular request I’m gonna add keyboard controls

    Edit: these are online now. Arrow keys + spacebar

  5. Peter says:

    Amazing idea & execution, thanks! A full screen option would make it even a tiny bit more amazing…!

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