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Jake Dobkin, NYC graffiti photoblogger of Gothamist and Streetsy fame, has decided to share the highly-coveted locations of all the REVS metal sculptures he has photographed in the 5 boroughs.

Says Jake on a recent Flickr post:

“I’ve enjoyed shooting these REVS pieces over the last couple of months. I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the pictures.

Sadly, I’ve run out of known REVS locations– ones that I stumbled across myself, or begged, borrowed, or stole from other REVS enthusiasts. The process of getting the info kind of grosses me out– trading each location like it’s currency. All serious graffiti documentarians are brother artists– giving you one of the locations doesn’t diminish me in any way, whether you’ve taken more or less of these pix than I have. And each of us has enjoyed the help of many other photographers in locating most of the pieces– holding back when someone asks me for the same help feels greedy. These locations– and these pieces– don’t belong to any of us– they belong to the community.”

While coming up short of publishing a data set, map, or geotagging the photos, Jake has offered to give the locations to whoever asks for them. Check out the rest of Jake’s REVS photos to get started, and thanks to all the REVS fans for their dedicated documentation.

UPDATE: In response to comments, Jake has added location data to all of his REVS pictures. You can contact Jake directly for access to the map, which has been set on restricted privacy. Even the lo-fi version of the map is revealing in the patterns of REVS’ work:


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