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The website is biggest public venue you’ve got and will always receive more eyeballs then a physical location. Getting up content early and often is better then beautiful and never. To get this site up and running took only a weekend and less then $130 (for the year).


Domain registration: ($10 / year). I’ve also heard good things about


Web hosting: ($120 / year).


Install blog software: (free). To install wordpress in dreamhost you go to, login, under Goodies click One click installs, click wordpress and create a new data base. Fill in the remaining info boxes and click Install it for me now!. The site should be up and running.


Web design: (free) If you are using wordpress then you can let the power of the open source community design your web page for you (for the most part). Just download themes from the web and ftp them to the dir You can change and customize themes in the wp-admin page. Some sites to download free wordpress themes:


Posted on October 8, 2007



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